Wednesday, November 16, 2005

before i begin...

i have to say a *huge* THANK YOU to my secret pal! (yes, i am turning into one of *those* people that don't even e-mail or acknowledge or anything!) thanks to a huge post office snafu (go figure), i never received my first 'secret package' - and she was nice enough to send me this as a replacement:

ribby! ribby! joy! joy!

needless to say, very excited. i've been wanting this pattern *forever*! and don't you just love the blue/brown combination?!?

but seriously. this is what has been keeeping me busy (and not posting!) for a while:

halloween, first of all. that's me, on the right. i'm an autumn fairy! (and don't mind my sister's boyfriend's 'thumbs up'...i could kill him for ruining what would've been a very nice photo!)


freakin' french girl

and the title says it all. this project is a nightmare! (the rowan big wool that i'm using is its saving grace.) *this* is why i'll never be able to knit any kind of lace anything. i've ripped this back more times than i can remember (or care to admit) - i'm always ending up with one more stitch, or one less, or just who knows... i've seriously got to take one of those classes that shows you how to go back and figure out where the mistake was made, because, enough already! i'll re-start it another day... (considering that i ripped it back to the beginning twice already today!)

and my most recent 'excursion' (or what have you):


packing. again. for the fourth time. and it's not because i'm moving - it's because i'm having carpeting issues...but don't even get me started on that one!

so, there you have it...i am alive and well...and very, very busy...

until next time...