Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i am a freakin' idiot. so i choose possibly the worst time *ever* to knit these:

(did i mention that, in additon to knitting these, i am in the middle of my p.e. week and have a final coming up next week?!?)

in any case, though. i started the second (left) mitten this past sunday, and continued knitting it until i finished it (minus the thumb) this morning. and so i'm comparing the two mittens, and am wondering why the thumb gusset for the left mitten is the same as the one for the right mitten. then i realize: *i knit the right mitten again!* (this is the g-rated version. actual realization included any of a number of choice expletives.) sigh. oh well. i was going to actually just undo it and knit up the left one (again) but since it's done, i figure i'll just bind off and have two right mittens. so that means i will have to knit two left mittens. great.

mental note: make sure to read instructions. and when it says, 'work same as right mitten to beginning of thumb gusset', skip to the LEFT MITTEN instructions.