Friday, July 16, 2010


last night, i started to descale the coffeemaker. i ran 48 ounces of vinegar through it, and the instructions said to let it sit for at least 4 hours. ok. it was night time, so perfect.

i purposely left the *open* instruction manual in front of the machine, with a large coffee mug still underneath the dispensing spout, and, i get a soft "what am i supposed to do with the coffeemaker?" this morning.

wah. wah. cry. crankiness. why?

because, dear fiance, all you have to do is look at the manual. and follow the instructions. the brewer was all set to go to start the "rinse".

despite the fact that it was 7:00 in the morning *on my day off*, i got up. and rinsed the brewer.

as i am rinsing, he starts puting little pieces of tape on the metal parts that separate the windows. then turns and asks me where it was leaking because we are supposed to put tape on the places the windows were leaking. i snatch the tape out of his hand, and start mumbling something about how "the guy knows where the windows are leaking" and how he "already saw this and could have done this while he was here, examining the windows". i angrily pat little pieces of tape on the metal. then, as he is showering, i look at the paper that came with the roll of painter's tape.

there are instructions.

"first mark the area making a large 14x14 or 16x16 square outline to mark the window where the water comes in. next make a couple of arrows with the tape pointing to the exact location of the leak. this course of action will help the person who will be repearing the window(s) from the outside of your unit locate the are to be repaired."

i angrily snatch all the little pieces of tape that i just patted on, off. and then, i proceed to follow the directions that i wasn't made aware of and tape off the windows. they're big squares, it's kinda scary. i'm on my little ikea stepstool. i can barely reach. expletive. more expletives. but it gets done, and looks something like this:

Taping Project

and this:

Taping Project, detail

and this:

Taping Project, detail

after all this, i really hope that there will be *no question* as to where the "areas" are located. i thought about posting a note on the window as well, but, i think they will get the point. i hope.

anyways. as for fun & crafty things, i made blocks for my very first yellow brick road quilt. i have to say, it's a pretty fast quilt, but, since there are only 6 fat quarters, and each of them are used on a pretty large scale, it's kinda hard not to bump up like fabrics next to each other. or close to each other. once i get the blocks all laid & figured out, i will take a picture of it, since i've been taking pictures of everything else, just not my quilting! :) i used this quilt kit that i purchased off of ebay a while ago - it looks kinda cool and retro-like, but there's just not enough variation, in my opinion, to keep the colors separated.

lastly, before i go for today, i just have to show off my growing collection of apothecary jars:

Apothecary Jars

i'm going to use them during my still unplanned wedding reception (still unplanned because i still haven't set a date yet), for a "candy bar". i can't wait. so excited! i stop at every single t.j. maxx/marshalls/homegoods that i come across to see if they have these things...i'm obsessed! (but the end result will be so worth it!)

aww...there's that smile. finally.

ok! have to get going. i'm going to once upon a child in naperville this morning with one of my coworkers, because i am the queen of sorting through racks of tiny baby clothing. fun, fun! oh! gotta run. she will be here in 24 minutes! until next time!