Wednesday, December 10, 2008

i am a freakin' idiot. so i choose possibly the worst time *ever* to knit these:

(did i mention that, in additon to knitting these, i am in the middle of my p.e. week and have a final coming up next week?!?)

in any case, though. i started the second (left) mitten this past sunday, and continued knitting it until i finished it (minus the thumb) this morning. and so i'm comparing the two mittens, and am wondering why the thumb gusset for the left mitten is the same as the one for the right mitten. then i realize: *i knit the right mitten again!* (this is the g-rated version. actual realization included any of a number of choice expletives.) sigh. oh well. i was going to actually just undo it and knit up the left one (again) but since it's done, i figure i'll just bind off and have two right mittens. so that means i will have to knit two left mittens. great.

mental note: make sure to read instructions. and when it says, 'work same as right mitten to beginning of thumb gusset', skip to the LEFT MITTEN instructions.


Wednesday, January 09, 2008

so i can't believe i actually finished a project in time - actually, let me rephrase that - finished a project, with time to spare.

case in point: 23rd of december, i've decided to make all of my boyfriend's family's gifts. it's now 4:00 am on the 24th - the day we're exchanging gifts - and i'm just finishing them up, barely. eek.

but take a look at this!

and an even better photo:

and of course, it wouldn't be complete without my little "flair" -

my little "'made by' tags" are becoming a little common around here these days! (but how can you *not* love my monogram stamp? i swear, it's just about one of the coolest things i own.)

now a baby gift's just not a baby gift if there aren't any booties, right? why would i have to knit some, if i found these?

are these not the cutest things you've ever seen in your life? i actually have another pack to give along with these, with a pink care bear on them. but how could i have not gotten these - i mean, after all, i *do* have a grumpy care bear on my crocs...

whew...lots of photos this time! well, it's almost time for work, so, i'd better start getting ready...

Thursday, January 03, 2008

happy new year! i promised that it wouldn't be another year until i posted...and lookee who's here! :)

so...we're only 2 days and an hour into the new year, and i'm already knees-deep into new crafty projects. well, only two projects. but two projects that need to be completed within the next two weeks. yikes!

first up:

super-dee-dupter cute cabled baby hat. i'm doing the one on the right, but in a fuschia alpaca yarn. i'm making it for a baby shower that i'm attending on the 13th, to match this super cute striped outfit that i found at old navy. it's a fuschia-orange-white striped footed onesie-type thing with a crocheted heart on the chest. *the cutest thing ever*. and the best part is? it's a super-dee-dupter cheap gift. $5.99 for the onesie. $7.00 for the yarn. $2.00 for four pairs of care bear booties. (what a deal!)

the second project is a 'crazy eights' baby quilt, made out of a girly combination of heather bailey, amy butler and joel dewberry prints. it's going to be *fabulous*. i just cut out my squares this morning, and started the 1st set this evening. when i was pressing them, i found that i had sewn 5 out of the 8 blocks backwards. it's the 3rd time i'm doing this particular quilt, and i have to say that i've never made that mistake previously - even the first time i made it. i was going to rip them back, but figured that i'd just leave them. it's a pretty scrappy quilt anyways, and you'd have to be super anal-retentive to actually search for these 5 blocks that are going to be placed any which way anyways and notice that, 'hey...they're not the same as the other "A" blocks.' whatever. my kinda perfectionism makes me want to rip the blocks back, but, hey. so be it.

so i apologize no photos, but, you'll be glad to know that i overnight shipped a battery charger from, so i should have it by friday.

so new year's. we actually went and did something pretty cool; we went to the house of blues and saw collective soul. the event was actually televised on channel 2 (i think?) so, it was kinda cool to be at an event that people were watching from home. i didn't make any new years resolutions, but, i think i'm partially saying that because i've already broken one of them (only kinda, though.).

resolution #1: stop eating out. i'm getting fatter from it!

resolution #2: stop shopping for non-necessary things. my house is so full of unnecessary items, and i've got an entire bedroom that is full of stuff that was thrown in there during my thanskgiving "cleaning".

as for resolution #1, i'm really trying. we did manage to make it out to chinatown on new year's day and had dinner there, but that really didn't count. resolution #1 now changed to specify, "no eating out for lunch or really, by myself."

(please pardon the horrible photo. it was cold; i wasn't wearing any makeup, and it was snowing.)

as for my 2nd resolution, well, i'm trying. also. i wanted to make a quilt for our friend's wedding this august or september (no date set yet), so, i log onto and discover they're having one of those "the more you buy, the more you save" sale. since 15% just isn't enough for me, i had to go for the big guns and went for the 25% off of $200. (and i really would've gone for the 40% off of $400 but just couldn't find enough stuff to buy.) so, i ended up buying a quilt for them, a quilt for me, and some fabric to make a bag for me. not that i need another bag, and forget the fact that i got a $100 gift certificate to so i could buy myself another vera bradley tote. sigh. it could've been worse, it could've been worse. i keep on telling myself that.'s nearly 2 am, and i have to work early tomorrow, so, i'd better get going here. hopefully i'll be able to make some progress this week and post some photos soon! happy new year!