Thursday, May 20, 2010

the good, the bad and the ugly!

so i was commenting on all my photos on flickr, and then a realization came to me: why am i commenting on them *here*, when i can comment on them on my *blog* (that i never post on...)!

so i present to you the fruits of my labor the past week:

Crazy Eights: Unisex-ish
i found this one in a half-completed state in my pile of unfinished quilt's a unisex-ish quilt, although i think it leans a little more to the "boy" side...cute nonetheless, though!

Charm Square Quilt
this one was made with charm squares that resulted from a rotary cutting accident when cutting another "crazy eight" quilt - made with amy butler love fabrics.

A disaster in the Bake Shop!
oh...the shame. i'm not really sure what happened with this one. this one was supposed to be like the one on, but turned out disastrous. the charms were pieced perfectly, it was the sashing mishap...instead of just cutting them the length of the fabric (since i had enough anyways!), i *pieced* them - need i say more? it is a totally lopsided quilt. i tried to salvage it, and it just ended up more lopsided. sigh. another one for the "bad" pile!

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