Thursday, December 29, 2005

merry (belated) christmas!

o christmas tree, o christmas tree...with all my 2600+ lights...

i know. just call me ms. griswald!

i'm very excited! two days after christmas, i'm about to leave to go after-christmas shopping on north michigan avenue, and look what shows up on my doorstep:

sp 6 treats! yay!

a box 'o stuff from my secret pal! yay! i received a beautiful purse, a copy of the reader, stitch markers (hey! what happened to my other ones?! hmm...), a giant stitch holder-thingey (is that what they're called? i can't remember...) which i *totally* need for all my bulky scarves that i've been working (and procrastinating about) on lately, and, my very, very favorite part:


a pattern and yarn for this gorgeous lace (yikes!) scarf! i'll probably work on this after i finish my french girl project... i can't wait to start it, though!

and speaking of the french girl... this is what has become of it:

o unfinished stuff, o unfinished stuff...

well, at least i only have 3 (1 not included in photo) projects on the needles at this particular point and time. one, of course, is my beloved french girl, the second, is a 1x1 rib scarf out of katia's 'nepal' yarn in this gorgeous darker-rainbowish colorway (#5000) to replace my beloved chez casuelle bulky scarf that i knitted up last year but am *so* allergic to, and the one not pictured - a 2x2 rib scarf in a charcoal bulky alpaca yarn that is *sooo* soft for my boyfriend. (that was supposed to be part of his christmas present. oh well. so much for deadlines!)

so, thanks again to my fabulous secret pal, marissa, for all the goodies, and, here's to a safe and happy new year's! see you in 2006!

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