Tuesday, December 13, 2005

okay. yah. yah. it's been a while.

it's just that...i've been busy...procrastinating!

stitch markers!

first off (as usual)...a very special thank you goes out to my secret pal... i received a not-lost-in-the-mail-this-time (ahem, thank you, usps...) envelope yesterday...and guess what it had inside! stitch markers! they're blue and lovely and gorgeous...and, my digital camera is freezing in my car right now, so, i'll post photos soon. (promise!) thank you, thank you, thank you!

one balls worth of progress on the french girl

secondly...big news...i've actually *made progress* on french girl! i started it thanksgiving day, while waiting for the rest of my very late (umm...it's a well-known fact that we have to be told that we're having lunch - at noon - for people to start arriving by 6 pm) family to arrive, and, i actually was able to complete (and not tear back) enough that i actually finished one entire ball of rowan big wool. the color that i'm using is called 'lucky', this gorgeous lilac-y/purple-y color. will also post photos of my progress (excited! excited!) soon, as soon as i defrost the camera. i just hope i'm not breaking it (or messing it up for that matter) by leaving it in the console of my car. i guess we'll find out now, now won't we?

thirdly...other big project accomplished. my boyfriend, dan, threw a holiday party last friday, and, me, being the neurotic girlfriend, had to overindulge in cooking and baking in preparation for the event. of course, he assured me time and time again that i wouldn't have to do anything - and i shouldn't make anything - but, that wasn't good enough, of course! *of course* i had to prepare "just a little something" - there was no way that i was going to be involved in this whole thing, and risk the chance of someone saying, 'geez! he has a girlfriend, why didn't she do anything?' so, my little something ended up being my delicious chile con carne (with my secret ingredient...corn), a chicken and shrimp jambalaya (which turned out *much, much* better than my previously mentioned attempt), a 'chicago dip' spinach-dippey-type-thing, a cheddar and bacon log cheese-ball-type-thing, brownies, chocolate dipped pretzels (white and milk chocolates, of course...and, i'm so bummed, i broke my much-coveted glass double boiler from cooking.com while in the process of cleaning it), peanut butter kiss cookies, cupcakes, and rice krispie treats. i should've taken a photo of my kitchen once everything was said and done; i don't think i was able to see my counter...at all. it was truly a mess...truly! but, the aftermath is all taken care of, and, my kitchen is now beautiful once again. (so glad that's over with!)

*if all that* wasn't enough, the next few weeks will be filled with christmas parties, dinners with parents, surprises, friends, family, love & laughter. and then, to top it all off...new year's 2006 is a mere 18 days away! and to think...it was only new year's 2005 the other day! where has the year gone?!?

so, my apologies to my secret pal (whom, for some reason, i just never get back to) for not getting back to her sooner, and, i'll *hopefully* get better at this blogging thing and actually post more often than once a month. :) ah well. c'est la vie!

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