Wednesday, February 15, 2006

i am flippin' insane.

eylet baby blanket

so, i've decided that i'm going to knit up this 'eyelet baby blanket' for one of dan's good friends who is expecting this coming april/may, out of theirblue sky alpacas organic dyed cotton, in the 'shell' color, this absolutely gorgeous light pink color (which, incidentally, i was considering knitting a scarf out of).

i think i am insane.

not only do i *still* have my 'french girl' to finish, i *still* have to do some *major* work on dan's valentine's day scarf & hat (appx. 10% completed as of this second), and probably at least five other projects that i can't think of this minute - i'm going to add this to the list? let me remind you - i started another one of blue sky alpaca's baby blankets last year, and was only able to complete maybe 25% of it - the baby is now about 10 months old...

oh well. but i do have hope, though. this one is knitted on #11 needles. that sounds very promising! i'll keep you updated...

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