Wednesday, February 22, 2006

okay. so i think my secret pal is crazy (in a good way, of course).

i came home yesterday, to find a big 'ol heavy box on my front doorstep. i open it, and this is what i find:

yarn. and more yarn!

i would've been happy with this. but nooooo... this is what else i found in the box:


and i *so* totally would've been happy with the yarn and the scissors. (what's hanging from the scissors, by the way, is the cutest little beaded string/bracelet thing with the most charming daisy at the end, which helps me 'not lose my scissors'.)

but of course, nooo...that's not good enough. apparently, i was supposed to do something with the yarn, so, some ideas were sent along:

a load 'o patterns

a plethora of patterns. (i think there are more patterns here than what i purchased last year.) scarves and shawls *galore*, and ideas for what kind of shawl i could create from the scarf pattern. just make it really big, right?

so i have yarn. i have scissors. and i have ideas. but no. *still* not good enough. sensing the stress & frustration i have in my life:

sweet relaxation

i got these. (again, more bath & body products here than what i purchased in total last year. i could open a day spa with all the stuff i received.) there are bath petals, there are bath crystals, there is a bath gel. there is soap, there is a scrub, and *also* a bath bomb. better yet, they're all coordinating, and smell *awesome*, like oranges. just remind me to *not* use them when there's a swarm of bees gathering outside my bathroom window...

so i thought that was it. but, by this point, i knew better:

sugar high

chocolates. more chocolates. and that "choxie" kind of chocolate, which i kept on seeing, but never bought because i couldn't justify buying 'better' chocolate. umm, let me tell you...totally justified.

so, not only is my secret pal crazy-in-a-good-way, they've also managed to spoil me *way* rotten. so, thank you, thank you, thank you! i still can't believe all the presents!

(p.s. secret pal - i *totally* have to admit that, i didn't even know about the bar of soap and scissor bracelet until you had mentioned the bracelet in the e-mail reply you sent me this morning. when i opened your package, i saw packing peanuts, so, i just carefully added them to this existing box of packing peanuts that i have in my living room - and, with all the stuff i found in the box at that time, i was so totally overwhelmed. but to find two more pieces hidden amongst the packing peanuts, that fell out, but i didn't even know? geesh. *beyond* overwhelmed! thanks again! :) )

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