Thursday, May 04, 2006

okay. so i don't post for months, then, all of a sudden, two posts in one day! ahh...what can i say? what i can say is, is that i want this:

isn't that the cutest? it's a sheep embellishment kit from! i saw the cutest embellished mittens in morehouse farm merino knits. i think the sheep would be perfect!

today has been a very productive day, for me at least. first work, then to the grocery, then home to cook a small dinner, then, i started working on my newest obession:

irish soda bread! i've not tried this recipe before, but it promises to be less 'dense' than the other breads that i've tried. this one was a little different - calling for a 9 x 5 loaf pan - but, i'll probably try it on a pizza stone next time around if i like this recipe... i've got one more recipe to try out, so, we'll see...

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