Saturday, June 03, 2006

so much for 'required weekly postings.'

but i've been so busy doing other things!

some of my latest obessions:

irish soda bread

pound cake #1

pound cake #2

after settling for the soda bread recipe that has baked up 'pretty okay', i think i've finally perfected my irish soda bread, or at least the way i like it - not too dense and slightly sweet. but as for my newest obsession...pound cake...well now that's a different story. i've tried this recipe and that recipe, and even a recipe from - and really didn't find anything that i liked all that much... and then i tried some of those ones from's 'southern food' section - those came out downright awful. (can you believe that i actually took one of them with me to a picnic/bbq that we were attending? i personally didn't like it, but my boyfriend convinced me otherwise.) i'm getting closer, though - there's a sour cream one that i'm liking (#2), although that recipe needs to be modified, and, i think the winner'll be actually pound cake #1 - sans nutmeg. we'll try it without next time.

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