Wednesday, January 31, 2007

hump day.

sorry for the lack-o-posting here for a while, but, gosh...just so much has been going on here lately!

first off: da bears.

i have to admit, i know hardly anything about football. i remember hearing this thing on the radio a few months back, that they were having some class for chicks who didn't know anything about football. so we could at least learn. and enjoy. and i remember saying to myself, 'i should sign up for this.' but i didn't. but it doesn't matter. i was at the gym the sunday before last, cheering the bears on, and what a game it was - phenomenal. it was close there for a second, but, geez. all i can say is, 'woo-hoo!' three more days till game day. i'm so excited. i even knitted myself up a bears hat last week!

secondly: dan.

any post bears-game excitement quickly dissipated when dan (my ex) called me. he wanted to go to dinner. i knew better. i said 'yes' anyways. we went to greektown. i was crying by the end of the night. ugh. i knew better. i *knew* better! he told me to 'not be a stranger' at the end of the night. i told him that i was better off being one.

thirdly: nick.

ohh...nick. what a sweetheart. i have to admit; i've been in chicago for nearly six years, and have not even barely *touched* the surface, when it comes to seeing and doing the city. he has made it his personal mission to be my official chicago tour guide. last saturday we started off with a quick drink at this bar that i always walk by, but have never been in, that was followed by an evening of live jazz at the back room, and to top it all off, we ended the evening at the signature room. need i say more?

fourth: i've been sick.

sick as a dog, actually. it's been coming and going for over a week now, but, got so bad on monday that i took a half day and took tuesday off to recuperate. i'm glad i did, because all that sleep i got from monday night-tuesday helped me out 100%. i'm still coughing and feel a little miserable, but nothing like i was on monday. *that* was ridiculous. oh, and mental note, never go to the gym while sick. it makes you feel *worse*.

fifth: i've been knitting.

bears hats, actually. my visit to my lys before my ballet class last thursday proved very exciting...they had some lorna's laces bulky in 'go bears!' orange and navy! *the* coolest thing ever. if it weren't 1:30 am and i wasn't totally cracked out on robitussin dm and nyquil, i would take photos. but it is 1:30 am and i'm totally loopy, so, next time i'll post photos (i know i always say that. but i will.). that was the quickest hat *ever* that i've knitted. started thursday before class, finished 100% by friday afternoon. (woven-in ends and all.) now, my manager saw my hat and was very excited. she wanted one too. i told her that i'd start one for her (since she doesn't know how to knit in the round) and she'd just have to knit the body, and i'd do the decreases. now, she wants another hat for her kinda boyfriend guy she's talking to...and considering that we're in a bit of a time crunch, i started while watching 'devil wears prada' and am ready to start decreases now. and earlier tonight, i had mentioned to nick that i was knitting this guy this hat, and now *he* wants one. so off to the yarn store i go on thursday...again. but i don't mind.

anyways. let me put my insomnia to good use and finish off this hat. or at least start to finish it. i've got a few more hats to start/finish before sunday! go bears!


Sarah said...

Boo for Dan, yea for Nick!

Hope you feel better soon!

Heatherly said...

hi! trying to get everyone checked off b4 sp10 starts. did you get you last package and send your last package?