Saturday, January 13, 2007

so wow. we're 13 days into the new year's already...can you believe it?

i didn't make any new years resolutions this year, but, i think it has worked out better. now, i'm actually *going* to the gym, and, in addition to that, i'm also taking two ballet classes and a tango class, to boot! so...knock on wood...this will keep up. (and it'd better!)

so now that i have all this free time on my hands, i've taken to watching a few movies the past few weeks. so much so, that i actually even signed up for blockbuster's "netflix" thing last weekend while i was at blockbuster. (okay, so i got suckered into it, but,'s a two week free trial.) last weekend, i watched 'the break up' (you've just *got* to love chicago) and also 'the lake house' (also still gotta love chicago). today, i watched both 'take the lead' and 'click' (which i cried through parts), and actually made *a lot* of progress on a few projects of mine. i finally finished up my garter stitch handpainted yarn/moonlight mohair scarf, and i'm about 97% complete on my bulky ribbed hat...i would've finished it, had i not misplaced my size 10.5 double points. i think i've got maybe like 3 more decreases to do, and, it'll be done. it's amazing what i can get done when i'm not browsing the internet!

today wasn't all that productive (in terms of house stuff) of a day, but, despite the fact that i watched my movies, watched the grey's anatomy episode that i missed while i was in ballet class, and finished up that scarf, i was still able to make it out to the post office this morning to pick up some packages, go to pier 1 imports to buy another two layers for my wine rack, completely update my profile, go to the gym and the grocery store. geesh! i guess i *can* be productive sometimes! :)

i *was* actually supposed to go out (on a second date) tonight, but, the guy kinda freaked out i think. i guess at least i'll have to give him credit for actually calling and giving me the courtesy of letting me know, instead of just leaving me hanging (like any other typical guy would). who knows, though. this whole dating and meeting new people thing is so bizarre. i wish i could just fast forward and skip the drama!

anyways. about my finished projects: i'll post photos of the scarf and hat next time...the scarf turned out beautifully, with just the right amount of shimmer, and as for the hat, well, it's just a basic 2x2 rib hat, but, because of the handpainted yarn i knitted it out of, it reminds me of life savers candy. (you'll understand when i see it.) next project to complete will be my 'cristina/grey's anatomy' grey rib scarf, and then hopefully, i'll get that french girl one out of the way, considering that this is my 2nd winter working on it. good thing my blockbuster queue is all filled up...

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