Sunday, June 06, 2010

as i was getting ready to spend nearly an entire saturday off sitting in a day-long nclex review class yesterday, there was a blurb on the news about some kind of "national start a diet day" this coming monday (tomorrow). i got really excited, because, a.) i was supposed to start my diet last week and b.) failed miserably at that, thinking i could just start it *this* monday.

so what a great idea. i'm going to start my diet on the "national start a diet day". how exciting!

after class today, i stopped at the borders across the street to go and look at that issue of stitch magazine with the really, really awesome petal clutch on the front, but instead of buying that, i ended up buying this:

Diet Starts Tomorrow.

i figured that this would be a more solid investment, considering that i was going start my diet tomorrow. it's actually a really good tool (you know, if i were to use it) because it is truly multi-purpose!

so, when i got home tonight, i was really, really excited to google this "national start a diet today". but, when i googled it, nothing came up. it was a *ploy*! a *ploy* to get me to start dieting! nonetheless, i plan on making my first entry in my journal tomorrow. we'll see how that goes...

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Maria said...

Your post made me laugh this morning, good luck with the diet ! :)