Friday, June 04, 2010

so this is why i should never - *never!* - be allowed to leave the house & go to the fabric store. i finally(!) received my so buzzy quilt bee fabrics on wednesday - you should have seen me waiting for this little package to arrive - i was like a dog wagging its tail waiting for the owners to come home! apparently, there was a little zip code snafu that the post office had to straighten out - and that added another week to the delivery time. but i guess i should be happy that they a.) were able to figure it out, and b.) at least got the package to me! but anyways, as soon as i come home from work, i tear open the package & get down to business. (mind you, it's already close to 11:00 pm by this time). so i'm sewing & sewing & cutting away, and then come to find out two things: a.) i'm short one tiny, tiny square (2.5") of white backing fabric for my "smaller" wonky star, and b.) for whatever reason, my 12.5" block is smaller. of course, i don't own any white fabric, and probably could have finalged one of the smaller scrap pieces, but, didn't want to mess with it, since i had no idea what i was doing in the first place.

it's actually a good experience, these quilting bees, because i get to expand my horizons and learn new things - and find out new things as well. like i totally suck at squaring up things, and really need to get myself a square ruler to help me with this.

anyways. the whole point i was trying to make was that, on my little excursion to the fabric store to purchase this:

1930's fabrics

(so i could finish the wonky star blocks and border them - ie. make them the correct size)

i *also* end up with this:

Lovely Fabric

...about 4 yards of michael miller goodness...i couldn't resist, at 40% off...some intended for another amy butler bag, and the rest towards another crazy eights quilt...

but anyways. all my hard work and cursing at the sewing machine finally resulted in this:

Sew Buzzy - June

and this:

Sew Buzzy - June

i had planned for the smaller one to actually be two wonky stars in one block, but then i realized's really hard for me to conceptualize things (i guess more really, figure out how to cut & sew things) without a pattern. and since i don't have a square ruler, *really* hard for me. but i tried, and i think the end result came out pretty okay! but i still want to figure out how to do a 2-in-1 wonky star block... maybe after i get my square ruler!


Maria said...

The blocks are lovely Christina, very fresh looking :)

Sarah said...

Very nice! I have yet to tackle quilting.