Sunday, August 14, 2005

calling all chicagoans!

so, i just discovered a new yarn store: nina, located at ashland & division.

there was actually a write-up about it in this month's (or maybe it's next month's) chicago magazine, the 'best of...' issue. and i really have to say, i do agree.

now, i wasn't able to spend a whole lot of time in there - considering that i had 15 minutes before they closed. instead of being pushed out the door, i was told not to worry about it, and take my time. i still managed to get out of there at 6:01, but, let me tell you, i'll be back in no time!

it's a very cool, contemporary place. kinda fulton-loungey, if you will. very uncluttered, very upscale, very trendy. yarns are arranged by brand/type, so it makes it easy to see if there's a color that you like in the yarn that you *love*. i managed to escape spending less than $100, but, let's not forget that i only had 15 minutes... :) i purchased two skeins of blue sky alpaca's blue sky bulky hand dyes, in this rich orange color (#1015), perfect for this bulky, drop-stitch scarf that i'd like to knit up (as soon as i find a pattern). i also purchased two skeins of the blue sky alpaca alpaca & silk, in a lovely pale blue, to knit up their 'opera scarf', which was inspired by the cute little display that they have there. i'll have to take photos once i have my wip's. (i feel so cool now. i'm using ackronyms!)

bottom line: nina is a must-visit, even if it's just for the "cool" factor. check them out at:

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