Wednesday, August 10, 2005

i'm an addict. remember when the whole webcam thing was all the rage? i used to spend hours going through people's archives, seeing what was going on in their lives. i don't know, there's a certain fascination with seeing other people live their lives. maybe i'm just a peeping tom. but hey, these people *want* to be seen.

lately, i've found myself reading people's knitting blogs, in the midst of my late-night internet surfing of all things knitting and non-knitting related. it's nice to know that other people have knitting-related frustrations like myself. but they've also proved to be an invaluable resource - they're sources for ideas and inspiration, and what i like the best is, is that some of them contain links to all kinds of websites yarn and knitting-related - websites that i probably would have not come across otherwise.

so, this is my attempt in aquiring a peeping tom. enjoy the ride!

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