Monday, August 22, 2005

i think the lazy, dog days of summer are coming to an end.

so, i was supposed to re-pack up all the stuff in my second bedroom today, to prep for all the carpet re-stretching, re-tacking, re-whatever they have planned for this coming wednesday. umm, not so much.

in the midst of moving stuff around in the closet, well, i came across a part of my yarn stash. and what did i do? take a break and start knitting up a 1x1 rib scarf in this gorgeous handpainted bulky yarn, in the "geranium" colorway. i couldn't resist! so much for packing! it wasn't all a waste, though - i had to take advantage of this gorgeous weather that's passing through... the high today was 72 degrees and breezy! absolutely beautiful!

i knitted up about 10 rows or so, and decided that i really had to get going on this whole packing thing. but, i got sidetracked (again). this time, it was to try this cinnamon bundt cake recipe. call me crazy, but i am in *love* with that cinnamon creme cake from corner bakery. but, all my internet searches have proved fruitless, and so now, i'm left with experimenting with all these recipes to see which comes the closest. this is attempt #2, and we'll see how this one comes out! more updates next time...and, if i'm ambitious enough, i'll start posting some pictures up here as well!

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