Tuesday, August 22, 2006

so, as i'm sitting here, knitting up my mid-month dishcloth kal (you know, instead of getting ready for work...), i was reminded of a particularly nasty person yesterday, and, had an amazing revelation:

"these people who are just so dissatisfied with everything...these people who are just not happy with anything you do for them, even if it's to *their* benefit...these people who complain about *everything* and *anything*, despite your best efforts... could it be that, their problem is not with *you* or anybody else for that matter...it's with *themselves*?!?"

i think so.

on a happier note, though, i got some (and ripped back some) knitting done this weekend, despite running around *all day and night* saturday to weddings and receptions. i'm knitting up this lacy leaf shawl (something like that), and, while i don't think it's technically *called* a lace pattern, there's a lot of yarn-overs and k2togethers, so, i think it is. i ripped back my first three attempts, but was *finally* able to make it work yesterday morning. (what's with the morning knitting?) i'll knit up a few more repeats, and i'll post a photo soon!

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Jos said...

hey you SP :-) I got my last package, a friend of mine was picking up my mail and had a lovely pile waiting for me on my dining room table!! I loved everything and so did the kids, the FLIPPED OUT over that kool aid man drink set. FLIPPED OUT. they actually fought over it. Ha. When i'm allowed to knit/sew again i'll post pics of finished things :-) i can't wait until i'm able to do that stuff again, a few more weeks!!

Thank you so much you were a great SP and you and your boyfriend are super cute! i can't wait to read all your blog entires (bc i do that and i'm boring) hehe.