Saturday, September 17, 2005

* f f f f f f u u u u u u u d d d d d d g g g g g g e e e e e e . *

i just remembered, that i forgot to 'submit' my first exam (for this web class that i'm taking) by midnight last night. i logged in to my blackboard account, to see if maybe i would be lucky, and, by some act of the good-fortune-on-christina-gods, the module would still be open. this is what i got:

(oh yeah. big blank page. and the best part? that big, black bold print near the top of the page? it reads: folder empty.)

no such luck.

*sigh.* (again.)

will i ever get the hang of this online thing? i've seriously got to print myself out a calendar to remind myself. geesh!

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