Monday, July 03, 2006

i thought fireworks (and i'm talking *big* fireworks) are illegal in illinois.

apparently, my "friendly neighbors" just to the north don't think that laws apply to them. no comment on that one. sigh. the good thing is, is that i didn't have to go down to navy pier to see the fireworks display tonight!

in any case, though, i thought i'd better get a move on my posting, as apparently, i've been a very naughty knitty. it's just one of those things that i'm always like, 'oh, i'll do it tomorrow.' then it's tomorrow. then it's the next day. then it's two-and-a-half weeks later. oh well.

i had a rather busy (non-relaxing) fourth of july weekend... my boyfriend and i went up to wisconsin dells friday morning, and, during that time, we actually were able to accomplish a lot... on friday, we went to "downtown dells" to check it out, and then ended up having dinner at this new-ish restauraunt called marley's, that has jamaican/american fusion cuisine... it was pretty okay (for wisconsin), although i've had much better jerk chicken around these parts - but then again, i do like the slightly sweet jerk taste rather than the salty jerk taste they use. we discovered they had $5.00 frozen margaritas, and, that was our first taste of the *cheap drinking* experience they have in wisconsin! we ended up staying for the dj/dance club thing they had going on there at 10:00 pm, and headed home, exhausted, about 11 pm.

saturday, we ended up going to the breafast buffet at the ho-chunk casino with my parents, and then, we spent a very windy afternoon on the lake. let me tell you, i will never go boating again... the last time i was in the dells, we ended up going for a nice afternoon canoe ride - so, i thought it'd be a nice idea to go again. i don't really think i could've been any more wrong. we ended up renting this little dinky fishing boat, because renting a paddleboat just would've been ridiculous considering we were on the river, and, b.), i don't think they rent canoes anymore. anyways, so, we're heading north up the river, which was a relatively calm ride, and, then we turned back south - where all the boat traffic was. boat tours, jet boats, jet skis - you name it, it was going on. we ended up catching some like 4' waves off of these other boats, and, let me tell you, i honestly thought that the boat was going to flip. it was terrifying! i don't think that i'll ride in a small boat for a very long time... we headed to baraboo after the "boat ride" and then to the wonder spot to check that out.

saturday also ended up being our 9-month anniversary, so, after going home and showering up, we ended up heading back to the dells to have a nice dinner and a few cocktails, had an old-time photo taken:

and even had a chance to have a few swigs with nig.

sunday was equally as productive, we went horseback riding at the ok corral, where i rode a beautiful apaloosa named 'vanity', and then ended up walking around downtown dells again, where we ended up going to the ripley's believe it or not museum. there's a lot of really weird, freaky stuff in there that i probably would've been better off not seeing...

this morning (monday) came a little too quickly, and we headed back home, and stopped for a brief outlet store shopping trip right before the border. now, it's 11:13, and despite an entire day full of walking, eating and mostly driving, i'm still awake. exhausted, yet awake.

i came home to discover a little package on my front doorstep - it was from my secret pal! *thank you, thank you!* i was so excited! and let me tell you, the gifts are absolutely *fabulous* are forthcoming!

well, i'm off to bed...until next time!

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anonymous said...

Love the old time pix of you and your boyfriend! So glad you received and liked the goodies. Enjoy!! YSP8