Sunday, July 30, 2006

so, i'm not really sure or not if i'm the only person who does this, but, i don't seems that i can spend hours on end, going through links from one person's blog to another. it's amazing to see what other people are crafting, and what they are knitting, and ultimately, what everything comes down to is, is that i get ideas for *more* projects that i just *need* to start. for example:

today, while i was cleaning, i decided that i needed to take a break. so blog-surfing i went, and, i came across this knitting tote that i just *have* to make. i *have* to make it so much, so much so that i even bought fabric for it, off of eBay:

isn't it *perfect*? i just absolutely love it. i originally came across the same fabric with a red background, but, when i saw this green one, i just fell in love. i'm currently inquiring about a pink "stockinette" print to line it with. i think it'll be absolutely fabulous!

in my last post, i had mentioned that i had joined a montly dishcloth knit-a-long group. last sunday, i was going through some of the new messages, and and there were several people who had made mention of the $1.00 sugar & cream yarn on sale at michael's last week. i was kinda bummed, because there is not a michael's store in the city. and anyway, i rationalized that i still have a *ton* of cotton yarn all over the place. but, luck had its way, and, i ended up having to go out to the suburbs last night. and where did i go? michael's, of course! (see evidence below.)

so, what else this week... oh, i know! i'm sending my sp8 her 3rd package pretty soon, and, i thought it'd be cute to make a little bag to contain it all. (actually, i got the little "bag" idea from etsy; i was like, 'i can make that!') in retrospect, i should've had a pattern to follow, because apparently, i'm not very logical when it comes to sewing order. (ie., i sewed the sides and bottom first, before i added the handles.) it's not very fancy, and it's not lined, but, i thought it was really cute, and it turned out pretty okay. it'll be *perfect* for going to the library with her kids, i think!

i'm also very excited that i was able to find a lining to make my betty shopper:

doesn't it look just fabulous together? and to think that the lining only cost like $3.50 a yard! yay!

that evening i went to joann's was a pretty productive one. not only was i able to get my lining for my purse and the fabric for the snail bag, i was also able to get my halloween costume pattern (on sale! yay!):

i'm going to try my hand at making my own halloween costume this year. i'll be making the pilgrim costume on the top right-hand side.

and, if everything above wasn't enough crafty stuff for one week, i present to you my newest creation:

my fall wreath. now that i'm looking at the photo, it's in some need of some minor adjustments, but, overall, i'm really happy at how it came out. it's finally replacing my christmas wreath that i still had up (i know, i know), but couldn't bear to take down, because it was just *so* gorgeous and just *so* me. but - my christmas wreath will be up soon enough - it's almost august! yay!

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