Monday, April 29, 2013

and they said:

" one likes white backgrounds" when it comes to vintage sheets.

i think i may have found a listing on etsy, that proves this theory wrong:

low volume vintage sheet fq bundle

while i normally go for the brighter, bolder vintage sheets, for some reason, when i came across this listing, i fell in love. instantly. honestly, i *have* to have this bundle, but i just can't justify the cost: $45.00 for 21 vintage fat quarters! before i discovered going to the thrift store, and looking for *whole sheets* on my own, i'd have no problem spending that. but now? my whole outlook has changed. $45? do you know how many whole vintage sheets i can buy for that? but still. i keep finding myself looking for this listing every single day, wanting to know if it was sold or not. i still may just buy it, though, because i love it so much. sigh.

*but*, because i saw this low volume bundle, i've become obsessed with finding something to do with it. and now, i'm obsessed with this:

red pepper quilt's low volume baby quilt

this quilt is their tiffany quilt, modified. i bought the tiffany quilt pattern last year, in hopes of actually starting it - yeah right! - but never did (although i have all the fabric for it. go figure.). i love the look of the original tiffany quilt pattern - but i think i love this version even more so! i *have* to have one, and i think that the low volume vintage sheet bundle will be perfect for this. decisions, decisions...

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