Saturday, April 20, 2013

bikram yoga challenge: days 3-5

day 3: FAIL.

i was on my way to the yoga studio after work, but i was so tired that i was falling asleep...not good! :(

went home and slept instead!

and, i found the most hilarious bikram yoga article today...


day 4, class #3:

lincoln park, 8:15 pm

arrgh. i thought that there was a 5:30 pm class...but i guess they only have it mondays-wednesdays!

i was going to attend the 6:30 class, but had a bit of time to kill, so i went to the neighborhood wal-mart a block away, and followed that with t.j. maxx and bed bath & beyond. not a good idea.

man. i didn't stop until it was time to go to the 8:15 class...ha!

i was so hungry since i hadn't slept all i had a handful of trail mix about 45 minutes prior to class. big mistake. HUGE. within the first breathing exercise, i was ready to stop...i felt nauseated and just sick to my stomach. but i pushed through, and made it through the whole class, but man...that handful of trail mix felt like i had just eaten thanksgiving dinner.

note to self: avoid even small, tiny snacks before class...stick to the no-eating-for-at-least-3-hours-prior-to-class guideline.


day 5, class #4:

wicker park, 12:00 pm

a brief summary of my morning:

alarm goes off at 5:20 am, with the intention of going to the 6:00 class. alarm reset.

alarm goes off at 9:20, with the intention of going to the 10:00 class. alarm reset.

finally wake up without an alarm at 10:50, and make it to the 12:00 class.

it was really hot and really sweaty.

my lower back really, really hurt today for some reason.

other than that, very good class today though.

i'm getting scared because i'm already behind a class, and i definitely will not be able to make class tomorrow because of the do it your own damn self craft supply show that i'll be participating in tomorrow...eek. we'll see.

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