Tuesday, April 16, 2013

so it's been a while.

okay...maybe more than a while.

but i've been busy, i swear!

anyways. we're going to start this off (again) right. first things first. we'll get to the crafty stuff soon, i promise.

i am going to participate in a 30-day bikram yoga challenge.

i'm serious. i even started tonight.

i mean, i'm so serious that i even skipped going to the thrift store to go to class tonight. and it's 50% off day. you'll hear all about this later.

we'll see how long this lasts. it's perfect timing, though.

so here we go...

bikram yoga challenge, day 1:

wicker park studio, 8 pm

call me crazy, but, i thought that tonight's class was easy. maybe it's only because i've been to class like 4 times in over a year (and those 4 times have all happened within the past two weeks), but, it was easy. the room was swampy - yes, swampy - but, it wasn't particularly hot. the teacher kept on turning on the blower to bring in cool air, but, i found it to be distracting...probably more so because it was blowing on me! (and the other people in the back row.)

as it has been, supta vajrasana, fixed firm pose, has been impossible for me to even attempt. we'll see what happens.

day 1: success.

wish me luck! :)

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Sarah said...

We all have to start somewhere. I started 20 months ago exercising (after being a couch potato for too long) and watching my weight. I am down 3 sizes and very close to my target weight.

You can't do something unless you try!

You can do it!