Monday, April 29, 2013

bikram yoga challenge, days 11-14

day 14, class #11: sunday, april 28
south loop, 11:00 am

despite what i've always thought, earlier is not always better. sigh.

i woke up super early this 5:00 in the morning early. i was going to try and make it to the 8:00 class, but, by 6:30, i was getting bored and figured that i'd just take a nap for a little bit, and then go to class. wrong! i ended up sleeping for like 3 more hours...and ended up waking up at nearly 10. ugh. after looking at the schedules, i figured that i'd go to the 11:00 class at the south loop location this time, since i haven't been there before.

this studio, while definitely the nicest (and newest) of the three, is a studio for people who live within walking (or el) distance. the biggest turnoff? the $4.00/hour parking. thank you, city of chicago. i spent my entire class thinking, "i've got to skip the final savasana, because i've got to get to the shower before everyone else...before my meter runs out!" very distracting, to say the least.

the class was, well, meh. you know how they're always telling you to "be present" and "listen"...not to just be on autopilot? so what happens when you have an instructor who is on autopilot? i believe that it makes for an only so-so class. but that's just me.

in any case, temperature-wise, today's class was awesome. i think they've done something to keep the temperature somewhat regulated at this studio, which is nice. i tried my new kulae towel today, and found that i really prefer my manduka equa hot towels...they don't get as soggy.

i'm still 3 classes short of being 14 classes/14 days, but, i'm working on it. i've got to get caught up in the next few days!


day 13, class #10: saturday, april 27
lincoln park, 4:30 pm

i've really got to get my butt in gear and get serious.

i had all intention to go to the 12:00 class today, but was soo hungry. so i made lunch and ate instead. *huge* mistake, because i end up putting myself like 4 hours behind, and end up driving to lincoln park in the middle of the it's-the-nicest-day-it's-been-so-far-and-every-single-person-is-out mess. getting to the studio was awful, to put it lightly.

i was super distracted during class today, as well. i think it started when i opened the door and got that yes-this-is-a-bikram-yoga-studio smell inmyface. it was seriously overwhelming today. that, coupled with these two girls in back of me, one of which kept on flapping her arms during the beginning of the class really got me distracted.

i was completely unfocused today. better luck next time.


day 12, class #9: friday, april 26
wicker park, 6:00 pm

i've really got to start blogging right after i take class. because i seriously cannot remember anything from this particular day...other than i had to wait for this d@#%*(ck, with no regard to other drivers on the road, woman to not even pull over, stop in the middle of the street to drop someone off. i couldn't even pull around them. but, the worst part of it was, that before they even got out of the car, they had to have a conversation, kiss each other goodbye, and then, the girl, who was sitting in the back seat had to get out and then sit in the front seat. *you have got to be kidding me*. ugh.


day 11, class #8: thursday, april 25
wicker park, 12:00 pm

apparently i actually made it to the 12:00 class, despite having to work the night before, and having a pretty busy shift, complete with two admissions.

today was the day that i felt that i could actually see some progress. my shoulders - even before, when i used to practice somewhat regularly - would never open up, and would just be painful. but, i can tell they're actually starting to open up now.

now, if they'd just slim down a little...but that's a different story. bah!

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