Saturday, January 14, 2006

and this is why i don't use needles smaller than size #10.5:

the beginnings of the egg roll

ok. so maybe i *have* used needles smaller than a #10.5 before - but geez louise! considering that the majority of my (unfinished) projects these days are knitted on size #13 (or larger) needles, this one is taking *forever*... this (shh!) is going to be for my sp...well, for her cat, anyhow. It's the egg roll cat toy from!

i'm knitting it up on #6 needles, and the yarn i'm using is's 'ejido 160' in the colorway 'aguas'. i figure it's a good way for me to get rid of this last, lonely, leftover skein of yarn, right?

as for right now, i'm about 2 nights (although i've only worked on it probably for about 45 minutes or so) into this project, and, more than likely, it'll take me a few (several) more to finish it. i don't know - i tend to switch up my projects so i don't get bored! i think it'll turn out beautifully, though, once it's complete. i'll post a photo when it is!

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