Tuesday, January 31, 2006

rebates are a crock!

so...i've just spent the past two evenings filling out various rebates for my best buy purchase from last night... i absolutely refuse to be one of those "these-are-the-people-that-we-like-to-make-money-off-off-because-they-don't-ever-mail-their-rebates-in" people, like i was last year, missing out on my $40.00 worth of mail-in-rebates. (i mean, come on, i can buy a fair amount of yarn for that much!) anywhoo, what a nightmare. but, two evenings and seven different rebate envelopes later, i'm finished. whoo-hoo!

so my boyfriend and i attended the new school for massage's introduction to massage class this past sunday, and, although i really didn't want to attend, it ended up being a really fun and informative day! i learned some basic wording and techniques, so at least now i'm not *completely* ignorant in the world of massage...

other than that, i've started working on my bf's valentine's day present, but, i'm a bit bummed, because when i ordered my yarn, i thought 'coal' as in 'charcoal'. no such luck. the yarn itself ended up being black, and, considering that i have a major time constraint on my time (plus the procrastination/busyness factors), i had no time to re-order and just got to work. i'm probably at about 3" of my 11" (before starting the decreases) on the 4x4 rib hat. i would've beeen much farther along (probably ready to start decreasing), had i not totally messed up my rib pattern and ripped it back, and anyways, i didn't like my knit-to-purl transition. it ended up looking 'stretched' for that one stitch. so, in my 2nd time around, i just made sure i pulled the last stitch of my 'knit' tight, same with the 1st 'purl'. it looks much better, if i do say so myself!

tomorrow's februrary. where did january go?!?

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