Wednesday, January 25, 2006

resolutions-schmezolutions! i just took a quick look at my "not-really-resolutions, 2006" post, and, forget it - i've already broken each and every single one of them! (okay, maybe except for the blogging one...) bah!

that's okay, though - i still have hope. i've decided to print out four copies of it - and post one by my computer, one on my fridge, put one in my filofax, and one in my purse. that way, i'll *always* be reminded of my new year's resolutions... (especially when it comes to going to target, the grocery store, or visiting - how can you resist?)

my secret pal got me into the tea mood, and since i was shopping (big no-no!) on michigan avenue yesterday, i decided that i'd just stop in tea gschwendner on my way home, and, well, $8.00 later, and some tea that 'i've-wanted-to-try-but-absolutely-have-no-need-for-at-this-point-and-time-since-i-have-an-entire-*canister*-full-of-tea-already', i walked out. okay, it's only $8.00. but, i could've used that $8.00 for something you know, useful. (although tea is extremely useful in starting my mornings.) ah well. i'm working on it!

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