Tuesday, January 17, 2006

so i'm totally freaking going.


i can't believe it! in exactly two months, i will be in las vegas. i'm actually not just going there for the heck of it; one of my boyfriend's friends is getting married that weekend, and we're going to attend the wedding. so, of course with all the wedding hoopla going on for the first few days (bachelor/bachelorette parties on friday, followed by the wedding/reception on saturday), we'll have a few days to ourselves, since we won't be coming home until tuesday. one of our big things was, was that we wanted to go and see a show - and since he took me to see 'a christmas carol' for christmas, it was my turn to decide. of course, going to las vegas, i knew i wanted to go and see cirque du soleil, and, after reading about the couple of other shows that were going on as well, 'o' was the winner. i think these tickets were just meant to be, though... i was just really looking at options, and, i decided that i'd just go and see what the 'best seats available' were - because yes, i'm a total play/musical/etc. snob in that i only want to sit in the orchestra section, or better yet - box seats. so anyways? the result? box seats! i'm so excited!

i've been doing a lot of knitting lately, mostly due to my insomnia. a few nights ago, when i started the 'eggroll', i also started a 4x4 rib hat as well as the 'irish hiking scarf'. i've made considerable progress on all three, although the hiking scarf is narrower than i typically like, so, i'll probably go back and knit it up using a bulky weight yarn on 10.5 needles, instead of a worsted weight on #7s. i found the most gorgeous - non (total) wool yarn today, it's lion brand wool ease chunky (how's that for not being a yarn snob?) in this gorgeous deep pink (although not magenta) color. it's very gap-like, and, i'm thinking once this is knitted up, it'll be very reminiscent of gap's cabled scarf that they had this winter season. will post photos soon! (oh, and did i mention that i got a new camera as well? it's fantabulous!) anyhow. i've got to be at work at 8 o'clock, which means that i've only got about 4.5 hours of sleep before i have to get up, so, more next time!

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